POM Application and How To Run It

POM is an application which will automatically start applications inside the POM on VPS reboot

  • You can find POM application pre-installed inside the VPS desktop
  • You can download POM app —> HERE <—
  • Press the POM application and a new window will appear
  • To make the POM automatic restart the application when the VPS rebooted, you have to check the load at start up. A new small window will appear and you can enter your VPS Administrator password.


  • To Add the application into the POM, you can press the add button or drag the exe file to the POM window.

You can press the delay number twice to change it, if you are adding multiple applications inside the POM we advise to add 100 seconds for each application. As example first application delay is 10 and the second one is 110 to avoid the VPS load them at the same time and overload the VPS CPU.

You can use enable option to enable / disable the POM features on the selected application.

  • The last feature is email alert, you can press email setting and insert the email details in there.

Example for GMAIL

Recipient: your email addressFrom E-mail: your email addressSMTP Domain: smtp.gmail.comSMTP Username: your email addressSMTP Password: your Gmail passwordSSL Port465


In Google mail, you must allow “less secure” apps access in order for your SMTP settings to work


Visit: https://myaccount.google.com/ and on the left side, go to Security, then scroll down to Less secure app access: