How To Change / Install Language (Windows 2012R2)

1. Open Control Panel

2. Click "Add a language"

3. Click "Add a language"

4. Select the language you want to add from the list and then click "Add"

5. Click "Option"

6. Click "Download and install language pack"

7. Wait for the process to complete,
it could take 3-6 hours or less,
do not click cancel or reboot or restart your vps.

8. When it is showing "Installation Complete",
click "Close"

9. Click "Option"

10. Click "Make this the primary language",
and then click "Save"

11. Click "Log off later"

12. Click "Change date, time, number formats"

13. Select for "Administration" tab,

and then click "Change system locale"

14. Select your region from the list

15. Click "OK" when done

16. Click "Restart now",

the vps will restart,

please wait for a few minutes

before logging in again